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YAC Canterbury Branch, covering East Kent, is a kind of 'archaeological youth club', one of about 73 around the country which provide activities and experiences for young people, aged 8-17, who are interested in archaeology. It is run by volunteer leaders and assistants who are either archaeologists, or very interested in archaeology.

Most of our meetings are held in the Canterbury, or in the Dover area . We meet on a Saturday morning for approximately 2 hours, although occasionally we meet Saturday afternoon, or on a Sunday, if this allows the branch to access a special activity or expert. There is no minimum attendance requirement to maintain membership, but we find the more meetings a person attends the better as this enables them to build up friendships.

The Canterbury branch has been running for over 10 years.


YAC is managed by the Council for British Archaeology (CBA), who provide training, insurance, and support for all the branches. All YAC Branch Leaders and Assistants have gone through disclosure (police) checks to be cleared to work with children and all activities are fully risk assessed. Young people can become members of just a branch and/or members of YAC on a national basis.

Annual membership is £15 for a child or £10 for each subsequent child in the same family. 




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