Young Archaeologists Club

Canterbury Branch

Next meeting

he next meeting is on Saturday 9 December 2017 between 10.30 - 12.30

Lower Hall , Baptist Church Hall Faversham

The Meeting Place, St Mary's Road, Faversham ME13 8EH

Were there pirates operating off the coast and kidnapping people from Britain in the 1700's . We will be investigating a real life event -be upto you the jury whether believe it was true ?

There will also be snacks and squash for Christmas from 12.00 and parents invited to come join us from 12.00.

Whilst I should have details of all food allergies - please feel free to remind me when you reply.

Please let me know as usual whether member will be coming to either or both sessions no later than the Wednesday beforehand.

ew members wishing to come must contact Peter Walker, the branch leader, in advance at

I hope to be able to have cofirmed the 2018 programme ready to post at begining of December.T


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