Young Archaeologists Club

Canterbury Branch

Next meeting

The next meeting is on

Saturday May 19th - 9 AM START -finish at 11 am

Meet Kent Wildlife visitor centre at Reculver Fort, Reculver Lane , Reculver CT6 6SS. Parking in car park £1 per hour .

 Sorry no your lay in but we are dependent on the tides to be able to access the beach at low tide.

 Lara from CITIZAN (Coastal and Intertidal zone archaeology network) will be leading a special session for us on coastal archaeology focusing on the foreshore below and around the Roman fort . You may have seen the programs recently on Channel 5 on Saturday nights regarding the project who have been systematically recording the archaeology around the coast of Britain at risk of erosion by or partially submerged by the sea.

 Wear - we will be going onto the beach so sturdy shoes (your parents do not mind getting wet) or wellington boots and suitable clothing for the weather conditions (coats) and gloves.

 Coffee shop on site for parents.

 Please let me know who will be coming by the 17th.

New members wishing to come must first contact Peter Walker, the branch leader, in advance at

Future dates.

JUNE 9th - just confirmed this morning an invite for the club to do some actual excavation with the Sittingbourne archaeology group at Bradhurst . Meeting 11-1pm

July I am hoping to confirm further field experience and excavation for the July meeting during the next week .

August 11th - Kent Field School excavation at Teston


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