Young Archaeologists Club

Canterbury Branch

Early 2018 meetings

Apr 292018

The April meeting saw the club members attend Canterbury  Christchurch University to get hands on with skeletons and work out their sex,  injuries and age . Members were encouraged to pick up and examine the bones of the Roman and Anglo-Saxon skeletons laid out for us and closely examine them to see what information we could gather. 

Brilliant session lead by Dr Ellie Williams who lectures in osteology at the University Dr Sheila Sweetinburgh and Diane Heath who gave up their Saturday to pass on their enthusiasm and knowledge to the members.  

Hope be start of a longstanding relationship with the University. 

Our friends at Thanet Archaeology had hosted us in March for session on how to help identify how old a piece of pottery might be from looking at what it was made from or fired, comparing unknown pieces against their extensive range of examples.

Whilst February  had seen us (with parents -though many had to be disappointed as we exceeded the numbers) donning hard hats and helmet lights to explore  the WW2 air raid tunnels and the Victorian Railway tunnel at Margate. Was meant to be only 1 and half hour tour but stretched to over 2 hours as the guide just kept wanting to show us more and engage with us . 

JANUARY saw us at the Beeney looking at the Greeks , considering both real and replica artifacts to establish what they were made of and might have been used for. Lead onto a discussion as to what materials they normally made day to day artefacts from and why some types  of materials have survived rather than others. 



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