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We are back with face to face meetings from November 2021

Sep 192021


I am pleased to announce that regular meetings will be recommencing from November 

Regular meetings will again be held over the winter months at


Time 10.30 - 1230

Dates (all Saturdays) 13 November
December 11
January 8
February 5
March 12

Further details of the meetings will be issued in early October .

Membership has been set at £25 for 12 months and payable after 1st Meeting. 

All new members will be required to bring with them to the first meeting a completed membership form in order that we have record of any medical issues and contact details . Please email me  at canterbury.yac@gmail,com for a form and if you have any questions.

To comply with the hall's rules parents to drop off and collect members from the entrance to the building . Members will be required to use hand sanitiser on entering and everyone including leaders will be required to to hand sanitiser during meetings when handling objects . Leaders will not be masked but all are double jabbed . Members are not required to be masked.

We will be keeping the initial numbers to maximum of 20 and members attendance must be confirmed beforehand as we have to confirm numbers to the hall.

The windows will be open so members should have jumpers/layers with them.

We may separate the members into smaller groups and require them not to mingle outside their small group. we will keep friends siblings together if they or you want them to be .

We will not be requiring members to do lateral flow tests and would welcome your feedback as to whether you would prefer leaders to take them the day before meetings. Should members or any member of their family be feeling unwell on the day or have come into contact with someone with Covid then they should not attend a meeting.


Peter Walker

Branch Leader 

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